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Dr. Nish Joshi


Since 2002, The Joshi Clinic has been applying a unique holistic approach to promote the health and wellbeing of its clients. It was founded by Nish Joshi, a Registered Osteopath with a foundation in conventional medicine. He then continued his education in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Herbal and Ayurvedic medicine, Metabolic Detox and Acupuncture. Using his now renowned holistic approach to medicine he has been able to establish his highly successful Holistic Detox Programme and create a nutritional range that encompasses his own holistic philosophy.

There are a range of treatments available at the Joshi Clinic to ensure that you are supported from within. Our experienced therapists specialise in holistic detox, osteopathy, massage, and nutritional and dietary support. Other services on offer are tailored vitamin infusions and non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as mesotherapy and the specialist facial and laser treatments.

You will leave the Joshi Clinic with a better understanding of your body and how certain daily habits may be affecting your health. We believe in the prevention rather than cure approach and encourage you to take a holistic approach to your health

Below are just some of the key benefits to be had from from visiting the Joshi Clinic:
Prevention rather than cure approach
Reduced stress levels
Improved feeling of overall wellbeing
Increased energy levels
Removal of toxins from your body
Holistic approach to effective weight management
Thorough understanding of the impact daily activities have on your health
Pain Management