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About Us

“We want to raise awareness that there is an alternative to trial and error medication and that you can get help to personalise your own medication and wellbeing.”

“Our tests enable your doctor to have the tools to help you get the most effective treatment for your condition, avoid costly treatments and the side effects of misdiagnosed medication, ultimately saving time, money, and unnecessarily long hospital stays.

Like so many others, we’ve seen the results and felt the pain of being prescribed unsuitable medicine.

You deserve healthcare as unique as you

We’re all unique, we all react differently to medication, so we all require specific, personalised healthcare to match our individual needs. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring everyone has access to affordable DNA testing. Testing that’s proven to help provide doctors with the vital genetic insights and information they need to make the very best decisions for every patient in their care.

We believe that by working in conjunction with doctors and clinicians throughout the UK and genetic experts around the world, we can provide you with the support you need.

So, whether that’s exploring your genetic code to determine if you’re at a higher risk of developing hereditary cancers, helping your doctor to prescribe the right psychiatric medication for you, or simply trying to discover the best diet, health and fitness plan that works with your own specific genetic makeup, we’re here to help you and your doctor join the dots.”

Clare Brenner, CEO

Our Mission

We believe there’s no place for ‘trial and error’ in modern medicine. That’s why our experts have spent years formulating a series of tests which offer you real insights into your probability of developing certain critical illnesses.

What’s more, should you ever require medication in the future, our tests will also highlight to your doctor any prescribed drugs that could cause you adverse, or even fatal side effects.

Our Vision

We’re here to save lives and make your life easier to manage and control. Through genetic testing we can prevent mis-medication and the side effects that brings.

We can help you implement preventative measures if you are more likely to develop certain diseases down the line. And, we can empower you to make specific lifestyle choices to ensure you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Personalised healthcare for all

It’s our belief
It’s our mission
It’s in our DNA