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At Myogenes we believe in the power of genetic testing. Testing that’s been proven to provide invaluable insights into your own unique, individual genetic makeup.

With our expert guidance and support throughout we can help you discover everything from your probability of developing certain illnesses, right through to finding the ideal diet and exercise regime for your goals.

Pharmacogenetics Testing

Although we know more about mental health than ever before, initial prescribed medicines are often hit and miss at best.

Our Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics Test will allow you to know which medications and treatments are most effective for your unique genetic make-up.


Pharmacogenetics is the study of how your own personal genetic make-up affects your response to medicine. This test is for anyone on prescribed medication for long standing conditions such as asthma, arthritis and diabetes, blood pressure or cardiac issues.

Hereditary Breast &
Ovarian Cancer Testing

This test has been developed to identify genetic mutations for BRCA, BRCA2 and PALB2 among others. Knowledge is power and if you do have the mutations it means you can take early, proactive steps to manage your risk of developing cancer.

The Hereditary
Cancer Test

Information is power. Early cancer detection dramatically improves your chances of beating it. Our Hereditary Cancer Test, designed for anyone at any age, allows you to find out your risk levels and manage your health proactively.

The Health &
Wellbeing Test

Each one of us possesses a specific genetic make-up which responds differently to forms of nutrition. With a simple saliva test which you can do at home, you will discover what works and what doesn’t, giving you the key to unlocking your optimal potential.


What People Are Saying

Dr Andrew Macaulay, MD, MSc., MRCPsych.
Consultant Psychiatrist

I am confident that soon every patient, who is described as treatment resistant, will have genetic testing.  It is a simple and effective investigation and in my experience, with every single patient, it has facilitated effective management, enhanced the instillation of hope and saved lives.

Dr Benjamin Akande

Myogenes offers an excellent selection of genetic tests, which I use frequently. The results from each test not only assist me as the patients’ doctor but also helps the patient significantly. The results take away the trial and error of prescribing and instead personalises the patients’ medication – putting patient care at the forefront and saving time and costs. Using these tests should be standard protocol.

Paul Brennan FRCP
Consultant in Genomic Medicine

In my work a cancer geneticist, I need access to comprehensive, accurate tests that report quickly without that affecting quality. The market place is crowded with genetic testing companies; Myogenes offers products I can trust and use to the benefit of my patients.

Avigail Goodman
Marketing & Events at Borehamwood & Elstree United Synagogue

I can’t recommend Myogenes for an event highly enough. The BRCA gene is unfortunately still a taboo subject, and Clare, Jess and Dahlia opened up a discussion to inform and equip everyone with helpful and practical information. They gave so much time, care and attention to every question they were asked, ensuring that the audience went away with the knowledge they needed, without making a conversation of this kind uncomfortable or upsetting. This should be information that’s readily available and widespread, having Myogenes hold a talk isn’t something to think about, it’s something you simply cannot do without. Please spread the word and make sure your community have the knowledge they need.