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At Myogenes we believe in the power of genetic testing. Testing that’s been proven to provide invaluable insights into your own unique and individual genetic makeup.

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Mental Health Mind Map

Who We Are

We want to raise awareness that there is an alternative to trial and error medication and that you can get help to personalise your own medication and wellbeing.

So, whether that’s exploring your genetic code to determine if you’re at a higher risk of developing hereditary cancers, helping your doctor to prescribe the right psychiatric medication for you, or simply trying to discover the best diet, health and fitness plan that works with your own specific genetic makeup, we’re here to help you and your doctor join the dots.

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What we offer

From cancer risks to identifying conflicts with medication, our genetic tests provide a range of answers to health concerns. 

Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics Testing

Although we know more about mental health than ever before, initial prescribed medicines are often hit and miss. Remove the guesswork with our test.

Pharmacogenetics Testing

Initial prescribed medicines are often a “trial and error” decision. For example, 50% of arthritis patients will not respond to their initial treatments. 

The Hereditary Cancer Screening Test

This test has been developed to identify genetic mutations for BRCA, BRCA2 and PALB2 among others. Knowledge is power and if you do have the mutation.

The Health & Wellbeing Test

Each one of us possesses a specific genetic makeup which provides data about the most effective forms of nutrition that our particular body responds well to.

Mental Health Mind Map

A simple saliva test to show your patients how understanding their own genetic make-up can influence their body and mind!

The Cardiology Test

Inherited heart conditions are caused by a fault or mutation in one or more of our genes.

It is now possible to determine the risk of inherited cardiac disease by analysing a person’s genetic make-up.

Your treatment
should be unique to you:

There are nearly 300 medications that come with warnings about side effects. Your body will react differently to these drugs, and so your treatment should be unique to you.

Why choose us

We are UK leaders in genetic testing, we believe everyone deserves personalised care that is right for their genetic makeup. 

Personalised Treatment

Take the guesswork out of treatment and find the right support for your individual needs.

Highly Accurate

Our tests will identify genetic markers that pose risks to illness and medication conflicts.

Quick Results

From taking the test to receiving the results in less than 4 weeks.

Professional Support

We work with clinicians to help them interpret the results of our tests.

How it works

From ordering a test to receiving your results in 5 simple steps. 

1. Call to order

Our team are here to support you through the process.

2. Complete Form

We take care of the rest.

3. Take the test

A simple, non-invasive saliva test.

4. Send Back to us

Our approved labs will identify genetic markers

5. Get results via Lab

We arrange a clinical consult for the doctor to interpret the results.

Feedback from our clients

The feedback from our clinicians is testament to the success of our genetic tests. Read more below.

Latest news & blog

We are committed to offering you the most up to date genetic tests that are constantly evolving and embracing the latest innovations in healthcare.

Watch the Process In 60 Seconds!

Genetic testing may feel daunting or confusing, but we can help you understand the process in the time it takes to make a coffee!

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