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Dr. Mo Zoha

Consultant Psychiatrist

I have worked as a NHS General Adult Consultant Psychiatrist in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea since 2002. I am also an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Psychological Medicine at Imperial College, London. I have extensive experience in assessing and managing all major mental illnesses, including depression (mild to severe), all anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, ADHD, psychosis, drug and alcohol misuse, and dual diagnosis (coexisting drug/ alcohol misuse and mental disorder).

I have a holistic approach to clinical practice, with an emphasis on treating all of my patients as individuals. I believe individuals with mental health difficulties do best when a high level of clinical expertise is delivered with warmth, compassion and kindness. I believe mental health difficulties are most successfully treated using a range of evidence-based treatments, often combining both medication and non-medication strategies – a combination I routinely provide for my patients.

I am also interested in the interface between physical and mental health. I ensure physical health problems co-existing with mental health problems/ resulting from medication side effects are properly treated in my patients. Outside of one-to-one work with patients, I am actively involved with Imperial College, where I teach and examine medical students in psychiatry. I am also a Tutor at Imperial College, providing pastoral care to university students. I regularly lecture & run workshops on a wide range of subjects including “Managing Mental Health Problems”, “Delivering Evidence-based Care” and “Happiness”.

I am interested in Clinical Effectiveness – that is ensuring health care treatments provided are maximally effective, by being based on the most up-to-date evidence available. I lead on this in my NHS practice. I am also involved at a London and National level in helping to develop clinically effective mental health services.

Conditions I treat:
Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Bipolar, Adult ADHD, Psychosis, Panic attacks,
Relationship & interpersonal difficulties

My treatment approaches:
General Psychiatry, Medication, Psychological interventions,
Using non-pharmacological strategies to develop and maintain good mental health