Diet, Health & Fitness Testimonials


By taking the Myogenes Health and Fitness Test, I was able to find out some deficiencies I have. Firstly, I found out why I’m such a slow metaboliser and how i can improve this. Secondly, I discovered that I was having coffee every day, completely unaware that I had sensitivities to caffeine. Knowing my genetic predisposition helped me understand my individual response to drinking coffee and assisted me in making healthy lifestyle changes and choices. It has literally revolutionised the way i approached my health and fitness!

Charmaine from Preston:

I was constantly comparing myself to others on social media and found it extremely difficult to get fit but after taking a Myogenes test, I was able to concentrate on ME and balancing my diet with lean fruits, veg, protein and I found out that there were vitamins I needed to add that I wasn’t having before. It was intriguing to understand how the exercise I was previously doing was was wrong for my body. Since doing the test, I am overwhelmed with  many physiological changes and I have now completely rethought how i approach exercise. 


I was getting extremely bloated which turns out, was brought on by a number of factors such as my genetics and dietary choices. Fixing my diet was one of the best things I’ve ever done as I was able to minimise the foods that caused a negative reaction and increased the amount of fibre in my diet. I also found out that although my high cholesterol was helping me perform many bodily functions, it was also increasing my risk of heart disease. This was in fact brought on by previous unhealthy choices and since taking my Myogenes test, I am now able to prevent heart issues with the perfect exercise and diet plan for me. I am now eating better, training better and achieving the best possible results. 

Carol from Chester:

I can’t stress enough how the Myogenes Health and Fitness test has changed my life and I recommend to anyone who is eager to look after themselves and take care of their body the best they can. DNA Testing is going to become a defect in all areas of our lives. The report I received had so much detail and included a complete breakdown of how my body responds to different types of training.

Paul from Hertfordshire:

After doing a Myogenes health and fitness test, I found out that I was lactose intolerant! I was able to find dairy alternatives which gave me essential nutritions, for example example calcium and vitamin d. My genetic factors have also influenced a significant proportion of the variation in preference of other food types but most importantly, I was able to discover the predisposition to lactose intolerance. The test determined that it was essential for me to cut out dairy and replace my morning cereal for eggs and oats. I was told that eggs are rich with nutrients and full of good CDL cholesterol, protein and B vitamins. I now also eat a lot more oats which are fibrous with antioxidants. Pairing both of these together each morning along with other nutritions, has completely changed my life, giving me the energy i need to start my day right. Myogenes, I can’t thank you enough!

Genomind Testimonials


I struggled with debilitating mental illness for the majority of my life. Every day was a struggle until I discovered Myogenes who used the Genecept Assay to help prescribe the right treatment for me. I found the team compassionate, helpful and understanding making sure I was always in the loop and never left in the dark. The doctors consultation that followed was also better than I had ever expected. Over the years I have had many encounters with professionals who were paid to supposedly help me. However, this was the only meeting that successfully changed my life for the better, finding me the most effective solution. 


I have suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and depression for as long as I can remember. Personally, I have never been able to understand how psychiatrists rely on their education and personal experience to determine which of the DOZENS of medications would work best for an individual. I didn’t understand how a patient’s life could be determined by their doctors guess and that’s why genetic testing is the most concrete guide to medicinal decisions. It was so simple to do and  I can’t stress enough how taking this test could literally be the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH.


Although genetic testing has become increasingly popular, this time a few months ago I still was very unsure as to what it was.  I have suffered from clinical depression for about two years before I discovered Myogenes and took a Genomind test, I was in and out of hospital for over a year, feeling very discouraged like no medication would work for me. It wasn’t until 2018, when a friend recommended Myogenes that I finally realised the power of genetic testing. A couple of months down the line, I have found correct dosage for me and the right medication which has resulted in fewer side effects and a much happier life.


I had previously done a Myogenes Health and Fitness test and was so happy with the results, that I decided to undergo the Psychiatric one.  Although I don’t suffer from depression, my anxiety was getting very bad, often resulting in panic attacks. After taking the genomind test, I was able to see the strong influence my genes had over how my medication worked. Although I do participate in other kinds of treatment and self-care activities such as  exercise and CBT I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking the test. The medication I am on now is a lot better for my anxiety and I am so happy that I expanded my options. Ultimately, I would definitely recommend the test to anyone who is sick of the trial and error process involved with mental illness. 


I had been on a certain antidepressant for just over two years but was having a variation of intense side effects. I was dreading the thought of returning to my GP and going through the trial and error process, yet again. When researching online, I came across Myogenes who were able to use the information from a genetic test to prescribe me an antidepressant that I hadn’t yet tried. A doctor went through my results with me, explaining why my previous medications were causing side affects such as weight gain and night tremors. I have been on my current medication for six months and now feel ready to leave this review as it has changed my life and I hope to influence others to change theirs too. Far too many people we know suffer from mental illness and get caught in that trial and error system. It’s time to embrace genetic testing and make the most INFORMED treatment decisions.  

Dr Andrew Macaulay:

During my professional lifetime, psychiatry has fundamentally remained a clinically descriptive specialty and in truth, special investigations have rarely helped in diagnosis and management. Somewhat ritually, we arrange haematology, urea & electrolytes, liver function tests and thyroid function; occasionally there are some incidental abnormalities.

Apart from Lithium level and possibly thyroid function, special pathological investigations have little practical use in the management of psychiatric disorders. Treatment resistant depression is one of the most serious clinical situations referred to me and, I expect most other psychiatrists, because there is everything to play for.  Get it right, recovery is the prize; if not, catastrophe. Medication almost always has a critically important part to play with this group of patients.  Invariably, they have tried two or more without success; until recently, I have had to impress on the patient and their families the critical importance of working through the medication in a methodical fashion, hoping that eventually an effective anti-depressant will be found for them.

Genetic testing does not improve the efficacy of medication of course; what it does is ensure that you don’t prescribe something that is ineffective.  It also explains why previous prescriptions and treatment plans have been ineffective and under these circumstances, the patient finds it reassuring, because they now have an explanation for why they are no better. Testing at the moment is relatively expensive, but whenever I have suggested it to the family, they have been happy to pay for it.  Remarkably, the results have always informed prescribing which puts me in the fortunate position of only suggesting the medication to which they are likely to respond; and for the most part, they do.

I am confident that soon every patient, who is described as treatment resistant, will have genetic testing.  It is a simple and effective investigation and in my experience, with every single patient, it has facilitated effective management, enhanced the instillation of hope and saved lives.


PGX Testimonials

Robert from Southhampton:

So simple. So fast. So effective.  There were many positives that came out of taking this test but I’d say that the best information I received was determining the best DOSE of a medication for me. Realising I was on the complete wrong dose was essential for my wellbeing and I was able to start afresh with a clear starting dosage. I recommend this test for anyone, regardless of age, who is or who may be about to receive prescribed medications. 


Myogenes don’t deny that there are genetic testing companies out there but they do say that their tests are the most comprehensive. This was no exaggeration. Admittedly, before taking the pharmacogenomics test, I was worried about the confidentiality of the results but I was pleasantly surprised with just how private they are kept. To access them, a password is needed which is data protected and even hidden from the Myogenes staff. A doctor then analysed them and went through them with me. Something that the doctor pointed out to me was that since my genetic makeup doesn’t change with age, my results will always be relevant and I can use them any time in the future if I require a change in my prescription. 

Breast Cancer Testimonials


I am a woman who has already been diagnosed with breast cancer so for me, the Myogenes test was to determine if there is an increased risk for a second breast cancer or ovarian cancer.  Before I took it, Myogenes helped me feel secure and prepared to cope with whatever result it was. For my own sanity, I had to identify if my breast cancer is due to a BRCA gene mutation and what the right treatments for me were, based on my own genetics. It was the best money I have ever spent and health IS wealth.


I have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry and only recently became aware that I had a higher risk of developing Breast Cancer. I didn’t realise how rapidly advances in cancer genetics were changing and how easy it was for me to assess my risk for the disease. After leaving a message with Myogenes,  I received a call back shortly where one of their team went through the test proceedings with me and explained how imperative it is to identify the potential risk as early as possible.  I made the proactive decision to take the test and as it turned out, I was not at risk. However, I am so happy I took the time to do this because KNOWING this information put my mind at ease and reduced my anxiety majorly so thank you, Myogenes.

Gillian from Durham:

I had known for a while that I possibly had a mutated version of the BRCA1 gene and that I was at a higher than average risk of developing breast cancer than most of my friends. I was also aware that these genes are associated with a greater risk of other cancers. I found myself getting increasingly concerned about my risk of breast cancer so I decided to contact Myogenes to discuss my situation and determine the effectiveness of taking a genetic test. It turned out that I did have the mutated BRCA gene and taking the test was a major call for action and I was able to customise treatment options for myself so in the future. 

Hereditary Cancer Testimonials

Vickie from Teddington:

I am someone who has never got myself too concerned about my future and I am a firm believer of what will be, will be. That being said, when I heard that Myogenes could detect cancer early, I thought there was no harm in taking a test. At that time, I didn’t know much about the world of genetic testing and now, I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have that early diagnosis. Myogenes has essentially saved my life, giving me the opportunity to mazimize my health outcomes and make proactive treatment decisions. Having my early diagnosis meant a better overall prognosis for me through a choice of treatment options.


Ever since I heard about genetic testing, I was dying to find a company which offered hereditary cancer tests so I could discover whether I was carrying a genetic mutation that could cause cancer. After doing a great deal of research, I found that Myogenes was the only company to offer the latest, validated, hereditary cancer test which are not routinely available elsewhere. It was 100% a consultant-led approach and was absolutely confidential and I’d recommend their tests to anyone interested in genetic testing.

Christian from Staffordshire:

Many of my family members have been diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime which I know, can be strongly influenced by genes and can run in families. By taking the Myogenes Hereditary Cancer test, I was able to determine my risk for cancers, specifically ovarian, colorectal and prostate cancer. It turns out, that we all carry certain genes that normally protect us from being diagnosed with cancer. However, I had inherited faulty versions of these genes which therefore, are unable to repair damaged cells which is why my risk of developing cancer was raised. A doctor then explained how I would go about screening and risk-reducing techniques.