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The Cardiology Test

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Inherited heart conditions are caused by a fault or mutation in one or more of our genes. As these mutations can be passed down through generations, they may not only affect one individual but also their family members.

It is now possible to determine the risk of inherited cardiac disease by analysing a person’s genetic make-up.

What the test is and how it works?

Early detection of any disease can dramatically improve your chances of survival. Our Cardiology Test specifically looks 77 genes related to inherited cardiovascular conditions that, if detected early, may have effective medical interventions and preventive measures. Conditions tested include genetic forms of:

The test requires a saliva sample. Once the sample is analysed the detailed report will be sent to your doctor within 3 weeks. Your doctor will discuss your results with you, explaining any findings and the next steps, if required.

Who this test is for?

Individuals with clinical symptoms of an inherited arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, hyperlipidemia, may benefit from genetic testing :

The Pros

Early diagnosis of an inherited cardiac condition will lead to early medical screening, preventive measures as, such lifestyle changes and medications and or interventions if indicated.

It will also help early diagnosis of family relatives who might carry the faulty gene.

What does a positive test mean?

When a positive genetic result emerges, it means that there is a risk to develop a specific heart condition and the patient should be monitored by a cardiologist. A genetic consultation should follow regarding other members of the family who should also be genetically tested.

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