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Dr. Srinivas Lanka

Consultant Psychiatrist

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Adult Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry at London Psychiatry Clinic. I treat a wide variety of mental health and emotional conditions and have specialist expertise in managing complex and long term conditions.

I understand the difficulties of accessing timely, specialist mental health care. I have first-hand experience of the overwhelming urgency and anxiety you feel when a friend or family member needs help from a specialist. That’s why I try to provide timely help and support when you need it most.

Undoubtedly, medication has a significant role to play in treatment, but relying solely on it can sometimes limit full recovery. I firmly believe that medication is most effective when used to provide immediate symptom relief. This gives us the necessary space and stability to address the underlying difficulties through talking therapy. My objective is to provide personalised treatment that integrates psychological approaches with medical treatments and lifestyle interventions (such as exercise, supplements or social inclusion strategies).

I strive to understand my patient’s unique perspective so I can help them through their difficulties by integrating my clinical expertise, evidence-based treatments and advances in emerging research. I believe a collaborative treatment approach that respects and values a patient’s preferences, goals and hopes are essential for a holistic, sustained recovery.