Dr. Richard Fry - Myogenes

Our Medical Panel

Dr. Richard Fry

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Richard Fry is an Integrative Psychiatrist seeing mainly children but also adults. He practices as both a Psychiatrist and (a small amount) as a GP believing in the importance of linking physical and psychological medicine. He has completed training with the Institute of Functional Medicine and with GeneSnippers. He regularly uses Functional testing and approaches in his psychiatric work alongside conventional ones. He is increasingly interested in the role of (epi)genetic influences in the presentations of illness and the use of such testing to optimise treatment approaches.

Dr Fry qualified in 1980 in London (St George’s) and has been in the field of Psychiatry since 1984. He also runs the Italian Wine Club with his good friend Andrew Scoones, which aims to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Italian wine. He sees this very much as part of his holistic approach to health, diet, spirit and nutrition.