Dr Martine Stoffels - Myogenes

Our Medical Panel

Dr Martine Stoffels

Consultant General Adult, Old Age and Rehabilitation Psychiatrist

My name is Martine Stoffels. I graduated from medical school in Belgium over 20 years ago and subsequently worked in Ireland and the UK.  I have been a consultant at Phoenix Mental Health Services since 2009.  In that time, I have developed some very unique services, which generally have not been available on the NHS, including an Acquired brain injury clinic, rTMS clinic, cannabis clinic and memory clinic.

In my Acquired brain Injury clinic, I see people who have sustained brain damage and, as a result, have developed neurobehavioural and neurocognitive needs, such as impulsivity, fatigue, changes in mood, anxiety, sleep difficulties or changes in memory and function.

Myogenes is now part of the routine provision at Phoenix.  It has proven invaluable in prescribing medications to people who take more than 1 medication, are sensitive to side effects and want to have a personalised approach to their medication prescriptions. In practice, it has allowed me to treat symptoms quicker, better, with fewer medications and without the development of side effects.

If you are worried about how to see me, I see people face to face at Wooburn Green, and also offer appointments remotely, so you don’t have to worry about travelling.  On request I will also consider domiciliary visits. You can find out more about me and book an appointment to see me here: https://phoenix-mhs.com/dr-martine-stoffels/