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Dr. Khalid Mujahid

Cardiothoracic Registrar

Dr Khalid Mujahid is the Medical Director of 4 Armed Health a diagnostic and health screening service, offering a proactive approach to healthcare. Dr Khalid graduated in Medicine (MBChB) from The University of Birmingham in 2007. He trained at some of the UK’s most prestigious hospitals including the St Bartholomew’s Hospital, The Royal Brompton Hospital (London) and is currently working as a Senior Cardiothoracic Registrar in King’s College Hospital, London as well as 4 Armed Health.

He has always believed in a holistic approach to not only cardiovascular, but medicine in general, and the important role that genetics plays in overall health and wellbeing. This realisation came to him whilst looking after many of his younger and physically fit patients who were presented with diseases that were a complete surprise to them.