Dr Danny Allen - Myogenes

Our Medical Panel

Dr Danny Allen

Consultant Psychiatrist

My name is Danny Allen and I graduated from medical school in London over 40 years ago and subsequently worked in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  I have been a consultant at Phoenix Mental Health Services since 2009.  In that time, I have built up Phoenix into the well-recognised service it is today and welcomed a range of professionals who practise evidence-based mental health therapies.

In my depression and anxiety clinic, I see adults who feel they may be depressed or who have been diagnosed elsewhere but need a more assertive approach to treatment either because they have only partially recovered or because they have not found the right treatment.

Using the Myogenes genetic test for psychiatric drugs has dramatically changed my practice.  I am no longer dependent on tired algorithms; psychiatry has taken a leap forward into the 21st century.  I can honestly tell my patients that I do not know which drug will work without looking at their genetic profile and then when the results are in and I have spoken to the geneticist, we can have a really collaborative discussion about the way forward.

If you would like to see me, I see people face to face in Wooburn Green and Golders Green, and also offer appointments remotely, so you don’t have to worry about travelling. You can find out more about me and book an appointment to see me here: https://phoenix-mhs.com/dr-danny-allen/