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The Pharmacogenetics Test

What is 'Pharmacogenetics?'

Pharmacogenetics is one of the branches of personalised medicine. Pharmacogenetics is the study of how your genetic makeup can affect your response to medication. It uses information about your genes to determine the medication – and the dosage – that is most likely to work for you.

What topics does the Pharmacogenomics test offer?

Whether a medication may be an effective treatment for you What is the best dose of a medication for you Whether you could have serious side effects from a medication

How long will my results take?

Between 2 to 3 weeks from when we receive the sample.

Will there be a professional to go through results with me?

The best option is if your doctor is happy to receive your results and go through the test with you. However, for an extra cost, you will be able to have a consultation with a medical professional who will go through your results.

My doctor is happy to receive my results but what if this is their first experience in genetic testing?

The team at Myogenes can assist every step of the way – including organising a 30 minute telephone consultation between your doctor and a geneticist at the laboratory to discuss your results.

Do I have to see my doctor to complete the test?

No, we can send test kits directly to patients for the patient to complete the sample and requisition form. The doctor who is going to receive the results will need to complete part of the form, however, once we receive your sample and form we can send a scan to the doctor for them to complete via email.

What will be the format of my results?

Your results will be a comprehensive PDF document.

What are the benefits of having the test?

Once your doctor has seen and analysed your test results, he or she will have an indication of what medication to prescribe and at what dose. The benefit of having this test done is that since your genetic makeup doesn’t change, the results remain relevant and they can be used whenever you require prescription medicine.

When is Pharmacogenetics Testing Recommended?
  • When there is more than one drug to choose from
  • Patients taking drugs with high incidence or serious side effects
  • When the starting dosage is not clear
  • Patients who are taking more than one drug
What does the test cover?

Medications from all fields of medicine like, Cardiology • Psychiatry • Pain Management • Oncology • Infectious Diseases • Endocrinology • Neurology • Rheumatology • Gastroenterology • Immunology • Urology – please request a sample report for the test which will list all of the medications that the test looks at.

How accurate are the results?

PGxOne™ Plus sequencing data (variant detection) has been validated by direct comparison to data generated by Sanger sequencing, considered the gold-standard DNA sequencing technique by the world’s largest life sciences laboratories. The PGxOne™ Plus test displayed 100% sensitivity (true positive detection rate) and 100% specificity (true negative detection rate).


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