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The Breast & Ovarian Cancer Test & The Hereditary Cancer Test

What genetic tests are available at Myogenes for cancer risk?

We offer breast and hereditary cancer genetic tests

How long will my results take?

3 – 4 weeks

Will there be a professional to go through results with me?

Yes, for an extra cost, you will be able to have a consultation with a medical professional who will go through your results.

Do I have to see my doctor to complete the test?

No, we can send test kits directly to patients for the patient to complete the sample and requisition form. The doctor who is going to receive the results will need to complete part of the form, however, once we receive your sample and form we can send a scan to the doctor for him or her to complete via email

What will be the format of my results?

A comprehensive report about the genes that have been tested.

If you have cancer, could the test be covered by the insurance?

If you have been previously diagnosed with cancer, vitality will cover this.

What kind of mutations can cause cancer?

Acquired mutations are the most common cause of cancer. They occur from damage to genes in a particular cell during a person’s life. Cancer that occurs because of acquired mutations is called sporadic cancer. Acquired mutations are not found in every cell in the body and they are not passed from parent to child .Mutations happen often. A mutation may be beneficial, harmful, or neutral. This depends where in the gene the change occurs. Typically, the body corrects most mutations. A single mutation will likely not cause cancer. Usually, cancer occurs from multiple mutations over a lifetime. That is why cancer occurs more often in older people. They have had more opportunities for mutations to build up

How can genetic testing help for cancer?

Genetic testing helps estimate your chance of developing cancer in your lifetime. It does this by searching for specific changes in your genes, chromosomes, or proteins. These changes are called mutations.

What does the hereditary cancer test identify?

25 hereditary cancers by analysing 98 genes from your DNA. The test looks for mutations in 98 genes associated with 25 Hereditary Cancers including Breast, Ovarian, Prostate, Colon, Stomach, Head and Neck cancers. The report includes a personalized health risk management plan, enabling you to review with your doctor and take control of your health. You receive a report that includes information on the presence or absence of mutations associated with increased cancer risk.


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