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It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about getting fit and healthy after the excesses of the festive season. But if you have tried dieting in the past and struggled to lose weight or if you have embarked on a fitness regime only to find that after a few weeks your motivation is starting to evaporate, it could be time to consider genetic testing.

Benefits of genetic testing for health and fitness

Every person’s genetic blueprint is unique. As well as helping to make us who we are and determining our susceptibility to certain types of inherited diseases, our genes also affect the way our body processes the food we eat and the way we respond to physical exercise.

This means that no matter how hard you push yourself at the gym, if this is not the right form of exercise for you, you will not achieve the results you’re hoping for. Similarly, even if you stick rigidly to a diet, if it is not the right one for you, you struggle to lose weight.

Nutrifit DNA Test – How it works

How does genetic testing for diet and fitness work?

It is part of the move towards personal healthcare, which recognises that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not the most efficient way of ensuring a person’s optimum health and wellbeing.

By taking a sample of your DNA, using a simple saliva test that you can do at home, Myogenes is able to carry out a detailed analysis of your genetic make-up.

Genetic Testing UK - DNA Test UK - Cutting Edge Technology

Genetic Testing UK – DNA Test UK – Cutting Edge Technology

This covers 39 different types of analyses and more than 110 different genetic variations. Test results are presented in a detailed 80-page report, which acts as an invaluable to your individual diet, health and fitness needs.

Among the topics covered in the report are:

  • The key micro and macro-nutrients your body needs.
  • An understanding of how your body responds to basic nutrients including carbohydrates and saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • The way your body metabolises alcohol, coffee and lactose and your individual responses to physical activity.
  • An understanding of your muscles and which sports will provide maximum benefit for you.
  • How likely you are to experience high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity or weak bones.
  • Whether you are prone to oxidative stress which will influence how quickly you age.
  • Your genetic risk of becoming deficient in vital vitamins and minerals.
  • How you respond to particular tastes and smells, which may influence your dietary preferences.
  • Detailed nutritional tables showing the optimum dietary choices and calorific intake.

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The report will also include a clear explanation of the results and personalised recommendations on diet and lifestyle. This information helps to take the guesswork out of fitness and weight loss and help you to achieve your ideal body weight more quickly and easily.

Rather than taking a trial and error approach, which can lead to frustration and disappointment, genetic testing allows you to take a target your approach to diet and fitness, using an approach that is ideally suited for you.

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