Coronavirus / COVID-19

Genetic testing can make a major contribution to the fight against Coronavirus / COVID-19. Find out how a simple saliva test can help hospitals manage during the coronavirus outbreak.

Guide to Genetic Testing

The Process to Your DNA Analysis is Safe, Fast and Simple

All Myogenes Genetic Testing UK genetic tests are all done using DNA extracted from saliva. We are not using blood tests. This saliva testing can be done in your home, your office or at one of our registered doctors. Please call us to discuss the genetic tests that we offer at Myogenes, or Fill out the contact form and one of our team will contact you. The report will be sent to you and an appointment made to discuss your results by phone or in person by a health specialist in approximately 2-3 weeks.


Order your genetic test from Myogenes.


Collection of test can be done at one of our registered doctors or sent directly to your home. You will receive your DNA kit that includes instructions, a consent form, the terms and conditions and a saliva collector.  The saliva collector is intended to provide a biological specimen required for the analysis and the collection procedure as such is non-invasive, painless and completely safe for the client.


Based on the instructions you perform the sampling procedure and fill out the necessary documents. The required contents are inserted in the provided envelope, which is then sent back to our offices.


After receiving your test, your DNA sample is analysed in a certified laboratory, your results are evaluated and your personal genetic analysis is created. After the analysis is completed you will receive a personalised report  based on your genetic predispositions.


Your test results will be sent directly to one of our doctors via a secure clinical portal.  You then have the choice of receiving the results via a face to face consultation or a phone consultation with your doctor, to go through your results page by page. Your doctor will guide you in the right direction so you are able to have the maximum benefit from your chosen genetic test.