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Diet, Heath & Fitness

Scientific advancement is moving forward at such a rapid pace it’s now possible to create a personalised diet, nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your individual genetic makeup.

Every day, genetic science is moving us closer and closer to a personal healthcare model centred on disease prevention based on each person’s genes and further and further away from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model.

Each one of us possesses a specific genetic makeup and therefore each one of us has specific nutritional needs.

What is the Diet, Health & Fitness Test?

The Nutrifit is a simple saliva DNA test which examines specific genes.

What Does the Test do?

Our Diet, health and Fitness test eliminates the guesswork out of dieting. Through a simple saliva test which you can do at home, you will discover what works and what doesn’t; a vital key to an optimal diet and healthy lifestyle.

Through the detailed analysis based on your individual DNA, you will:

  • Discover the most important micro- and macro-nutrients you need
  • Learn about your metabolism of alcohol, coffee and lactose and your responses to physical activity, including a greater understanding of your muscles and which sports will benefit you
  • Find out whether you have a propensity for high cholesterol, high blood sugar, weak bones and obesity
  • Discover whether you are prone to oxidative stress – which implies about your speed of aging.

Your test results are presented in a detailed guidebook containing 39 analyses divided into eight chapters covering key thematic elements of diet and lifestyle. In total the test analyses over 110 genetic variations.

What are the Benefits of the test?

The 80+ page guidebook covers every key area of your diet and lifestyle including:

  • An evaluation of your responses to basic nutrients (carbohydrates and saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids)
  • A review of your genetic disposition to health factors such as obesity, inadequate cholesterol, triglyceride, blood sugar levels and bone density
  • A calculation of the genetic risk for lacking the most important vitamins and minerals
  • An assessment of features such as metabolic characteristics, exposure to oxidative stress, perception of taste and smell and other factors that influence diet and lifestyle
  • The establishment of dietary guidelines and lifestyle guidance
  • Allowing you to choose from a list of foods that allow you to meet your body’s daily needs of its most important macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals

We use a a unique algorithm used to calculate diet and daily calorific intake and you’ll find detailed nutritional tables so you can plan meals as well as a detailed genetic analysis of more than 100 genetic variations.

Professional Consultation

Once you receive your results, you have the option to have a consultation with one of our professional health specialists. The consultation can be a face to face meeting or by telephone.

How do I do the Test?

The test is nothing more than a simple saliva test and you can do it yourself at home or in the doctor’s office.  The sample is sent to our laboratory and the results are ready in around 3-4 weeks. Read more about taking the test HERE .

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Your Diet, Health & Fitness Guidebook

The results of your NutriFit test will be with you in around 2-3 weeks of the sample reaching the laboratory in a form of an 80-page guide book.

  • Instructions that will guide you through the book and everything in it
  • An easy-to-read and interesting introduction to genetics and diet
  • 39 analyses divided into eight chapters
  • A special section called ‘More about Analyses’ where you will find more detailed information about each area covered in NutriFit
  • A glossary of terms you may not be familiar with
  • A list of all genes analysed as well as a description of their role
  • A list of scientific research data on which the NutriFit analysis is based
  • Nutritional tables with nearly 200 different foods containing information about each food products’ caloric value, cholesterol content, nutrients, minerals and vitamins so you can effectively plan healthy and nutritious meals

When you’re looking at each individual analysis, you’ll find:

  • An explanation of the analysis
  • A coloured presentation and explanation of the genetic results
  • Personalised recommendations on diet and lifestyle based on your genetic makeup
  • Additional points of interest and information
  • Graphs and data indicating the role of heritability, described as ‘the extent to which genetic individual differences contribute to individual differences in observed behaviour’

Your Diet, Health & Fitness Guidebook – Chapter by Chapter

1. The way to Your Ideal Body Weight

In chapter one you will learn how your genetic makeup influences the development of weight gain and obesity as well as how your body responds to different types of carbohydrates and fats. The balance between the intake and use of calories, physical activity and your genetic makeup are key to optimal body weight and well-being and at the end of the chapter we reveal a ‘diet type’ that, according to your genetic makeup, will be ideal for you.

2. How Much do Genes Influence Your Metabolism & Health?

In chapter two you will discover what levels of ‘bad’ LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and ‘good’ HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar are determined by your genes. Inappropriate levels of any of these components can quickly cause cardiovascular complications, increased blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. However while your body’s complex mechanisms fight the continual fight against external influences such as bad diet, alcohol consumption and smoking,  your genes determine that fight and we will show you what you can do to put yourself back on the path to optimal health.

3. Which Vitamins & Minerals Does Your Body Need?

In chapter three you will learn what levels of vitamin B complex, vitamin D and minerals such as iron and potassium are determined by your genes as well as your sensitivity to kitchen salt (sodium) and your bone density. They can all be specifically adjusted with an appropriate intake of both vitamins and minerals. Micronutrients, a collective term which includes vitamins and minerals are vital for our health and your requirements are determined by a number of factors, chief among which is your genetic makeup and you’ll find out exactly what your body needs to maintain optimal health.

4. Important Influences on Your Eating Habits

In chapter four you will discover whether your genetic makeup give you a greater propensity for particular eating habits such as skipping meals, insatiability and hunger, eating too much sugar and your perception for bitter or sweet tastes. Many of today’s eating habits are governed by a lack of time or the environment we operate in but they are also governed by our genes and you will find out which ones are your free choices and which ones aren’t.

5. The Effectiveness of Your Metabolism

In chapter five you will find out about your response to alcohol and caffeine according to your genetic makeup. Using specific enzymes your body processes or breaks down lactose, caffeine and alcohol after their consumption. This enables them to be used as nutrients or prevents these substances from becoming harmful. The chapter looks at alcohol metabolism, caffeine metabolism and lactose metabolism and how your body processes these common substances.

6. Your Genes, Detoxification & Antioxidants

In chapter six you will learn about your selenium and vitamin E levels determined by your genetic makeup and how effective the detoxification mechanisms of your body are. Harmful substances enter our bodies daily through food, water and air and we require mechanisms to take responsibility for the detoxification and removal of these substances from our systems. This chapter explains what they are.

7. Sports & Recreation in Tune With Your Genes

In chapter seven you will discover what sporting activities are most suitable for you based on your muscle structure as well as finding out if there are certain sporting injuries you may be more prone to. Certain type of sports, recreation and exercise are more beneficial for some than for others, and some can even be detrimental to your health and well-being. With the help of DNA analysis, NutriFit will recommend the type of recreation which suits you best and advise you on the ones which don’t suit you.

8. Genetically-Determined Addictions & Ageing

In chapter eight you’ll learn about your susceptibility to alcohol and nicotine addiction, your rate of aging compared to the average population and whether or not your individual genetic makeup suggests a change of lifestyle. Everyone knows that smoking, excessive drinking, a poor diet and no physical activity are the tell-tale signs of an unhealthy lifestyle and causes of many of today’s health problems and the NutriFit test can determine whether or not your genes point to a greater propensity for addiction and premature aging.

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